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Haomei Houseboat

No. 700, Huweiliao, Budai Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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Facebook Page
Haomei Fishery and Farm Goods - Home  of Clams
Our products come from Budai’s Haomeiliao Nature Reserve
Specializing in clam farming! Low-density, environmentally-friendly, farmed with white shrimp and milkfish
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Salt-Worker Biandang: The Haomei Salt Biandang
Sun-dried and lightly salted milkfish is dried overnight and paired with nicely-marbled pork belly. Slow stewed over low heat, the milkfish and Dongpo pork will both melt in your mouth. They are paired in this biandang (lunchbox) with milkfish sausage and seasonal vegetables, making this regional a very special Salt-Worker Biandang.

Using clams, a specialty of Haomei, we make clam bibimbap, clams with XO sauce, clams with loofah gourd, clams with fried shrimp, and clam soup. We pair it all with seasonal fresh vegetables, to make our nutritious, low-carbon footprint Haomei Salt Biandang.

Savory Goodies: Clams with XO sauce, clams with whole-grain barley
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