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Geloina Clam Eco and Leisure Park

No.5-3, Yangyu Rd., Gangsi Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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Geloina Clam Eco and Leisure Park, located in Jinhu Village along the coast of Yunlin County, was developed from the bioremediation for Geloina erosa (giant mud clam), Taiwan’s indigenous species, to aquaculture operation. The owner, Mr. Ceng Jie-chong, devotes his efforts to both aquaculture on a local basis and the leisure industry. In 2005, the Geloina Clam Eco and Leisure Park was established for the development of clam crafts, which, due to a multi-employment program by the Council of Labor Affairs and the acquisition of human resources, has become a new spot along the coast of Yunlin County for leisure activities. Covering an area of 1.6 hectares, the Park has a clam collecting pool for visitors to experience the practice, a pillbox that serves as a place for rest and an observation deck, and a theme pavilion where DIY clam craft and clam cuisines are provided and whose entrance image features a driftwood structure. Geloina Clam Eco and Leisure Park integrates local unique cultures and multiple industries, combines community resources, and plans package tours in which fishing lifestyles can be experienced. On-site activities include DIY handicrafts and clam collecting. The culinary characteristics of clams also attract many people from cities to be bathed in the atmosphere of the fishing villages.

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