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National Treasure Peanuts and Pork Knuckles

No. 162-21, Sec. 7, Gongxue Rd., Annan Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
Opening Hours
A stall of peanuts and pork knuckles drove the economic activity of Guoxing bridge south; this is the economic miracle achieved by National Treasure Peanuts and Pork Knuckles.
The Peanuts and Pork Knuckles use peanuts, runner beans and pork knuckles. Purchased pork knuckle chops are first washed, blanched, drained and set aside. A new pot of water is prepared, added in the previously blanched pork knuckles, as well as the peanuts and runner beans, and boiled for more than 2 hours. The just cooked peanuts and pork knuckles have a very rich flavor, so it is diluted with boiling water before adding seasoning and served in a bowl with coriander. There are no whole chunks of pork, just the knuckles, so customers can fully enjoy the fun of nipping pork knuckles.
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