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Beimen Route

The circular Beimen Bikeway, being the only bikeway in Taiwan filled with the rich history and culture of the salt industry, connects the Beimen Visitor Center, Jingzaijiao, and the Beimen Lagoon with town of Beimen. The AC asphalt-paved bikeway is even equipped with safety guardrails.

Birdwatching platforms, shade pavilions, and leisure seats standing along the bikeway allow for a deeper exploration of Zhugao and Yancheng, as well as natural ecology such as mangroves, salt field ruins, and salt lakes. The spectacular sunset vistas of the salt fields as dusk falls is particularly worth catching, and not forgetting the thousands of wintering black-bellied terns flying gracefully that will fill you with wonder at nature’s beauty.

Bike Ride Information

RouteMoney Coming Grocery Shop→Beimen Wedding Attractions→Crystal Church→Jingzaijiao 18 Spots→Beiman Lagoon→Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields
Total Route Length3km
Road Width2~2.5M
Tour Duration1~2Hours(One-Way)
Terrain and Road ConditionsAcross the board flat terrain slope
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