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Hei-Pi Creative Seafood Restaurant

No.43, Jhongshan Rd., Budai Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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Official website

"Hepi" is a transliteration of happy, seafood restaurant undertaking of three generations of black head swim Zhihao want guests to have fun dining environment. George had Puzih City Food “Hei-Pi”, meaning “dark skin” in Chinese, sounds like “happy.” Mr. You Jhih-hao, the third generation to inherit the restaurant, hopes customers can have an enjoyable dining experience here. Once a R&D technician at Chen Hsiang Foods in Pozih City, Mr. You, as a young person with abundant creativity, developed the signature dish for the restaurant. The dish is a huge meatball with a crispy crust, featuring eight seafood ingredients. Such a delicacy combining Eastern and Western elements is very popular among customers. Hei-Pi Creative Seafood Restaurant is right beside Dudai Tourist Fish Market. To accommodate the endless streams of tourists, as this site is often a must-go in package tours, the restaurant is equipped with twenty large round tables. The best-known meal is the huge seafood meatball that is said to be 300g each if sauce is added; in annual meatball competitions, it is always a finalist. Mr. You’s efforts to expand the operation include a website setup, goods delivery, and opening of chain restaurants in Chiayi City and Minsyong Township.

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