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Fulon Restaurant

No.37, Gangbei, Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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Located on the intersection of Provincial Highway No. 17 and County Road No. 171, Fulon Restaurant is the most time-honored one in Beimen District. Beside the restaurant is the Taiwan Black-foot Disease Socio-Medical Service Memorial House. In Beimen, it is a restaurant with quite a scale, therefore a none-to-second choice for dining. Covering an area of 100 pings (about 330 sq. meters), the interior of the restaurant is spacious, bright, and comfortable. Dining for group tourists, banquets, and banquets at customers’ houses are the most characteristic services, making it the most representative restaurant along the coast. For over ten years, political celebrities such as Former President Lee Teng-hui and Provincial Governor James Soong were once its guests. SET, GTV, Minsheng Daily, United Daily News, Liberty Times, and China Daily News all have provided coverage on it. In choosing food materials and preparing the dishes, the owner insists on using local seafood ingredients, including milk fish, oysters, shrimps, and the fried garlic produced in Beimen, as well as cooking them in traditional ways, ensuring these fresh, tasty seafood cuisines are as delicious as ever.

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