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Haomeiliao Nature Reserve


Wonderful scenic spots with magnificent ecological beauty

Diverse landscapes such as mangroves, lagoons, and beaches

Rich ecological resources make this an excellent place for biological observation


The Haomeiliao Nature Reserve is located in the Haomeili area of Budai Township. Since two rivers, the Bajang River and the Longgong River, meet here, the area has a very diverse landscape, from lagoons and wetlands to beaches and mangrove forests, this ecological environment attracts a variety of creatures to feed and inhabit here. It also serves as a relay point for migrating birds from East Asia and New Australia.

In order to protect this rich ecology, the Ministry of Interior's Department of Construction has designated this area as a nature reserve, and the rich flora and fauna in the area is often the best place for visitors to observe the ecology.

Visitors can watch waterfowl and observe the activities of the wetland plants and animals here. Standing on the embankment, you can clearly see the mangrove forest and traces of the waterfowl can be found everywhere. Whether it is the egrets feeding in the wetland or the gray herons and the black drongos soaring in the sky, all of which are beautiful scenery that birdwatchers cannot miss.

After passing this mangrove area and driving along the embankment road for about 1 kilometer, you can turn up the embankment slope and come to the sandbar area with a lagoon as its main scenery. The strange terrain of the lagoon and the tall windbreak forest along the shore, together with the beautiful lake and water color, forming a landscape that is akin to a paradise on earth.

Haomeiliao, Budai Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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