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Qigu Salt Mountains


Note that hours vary between summer and winter

Can’t-miss savory popsicles!

DIY activities, especially popular with children


In the past, the Qigu Salt Field was the largest salt field in Taiwan, mainly supplying salt for the domestic agricultural industry. However, with the changing times, drying salt stopped being economically viable. In May 2002, Qigu Salt Field closed its doors, ending 338 years of the glorious salt drying history.

The Qigu Salt Mountain was originally the Qigu Salt Field's salt pile. The salt had naturally clumped and lumped up after years of sitting in situ. This resulted in a rock-hard texture; the six-or-so-story-high mountain of salt now stands as a spectacular sight. The salt industry later transformed into a tourist industry, and the era of leisure and recreation at the Qigu Salt Mountain began. Thus, the salt mountain has borne witness to the history of Taiwan's salt industry in a different way.

In addition to the salt mountain's spectacularly photogenic scenery, there are also a rich variety of recreational facilities and experiences in the Qigu Salt Mountain Park. Tour buses allow for comfortable excursion around the park; a camping and barbecue area is available for group rentals; there are traditional salt field facilities; the “dragon bone waterwheel” (longgu shuiche) makes for an interesting foot-peddling experience; and there are DIY experiences such as making beautiful salt art bottles and delicious bittern tofu flan (douhua). It all adds up to a must-see destination for education and enjoyment!

No. 66, Yancheng Village, Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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