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Zhounan Salt Field


Reproduce the culture of Taiwan's salt fields and experience high-quality local salt

Experience the charms of the salt fields with an event that attracts thousands

The Salt Appreciation Festival at the end of each year is a major festival that combines the local traditional industry


Budai fishery and salt industries have been flourishing since the Qing Dynasty, and the beautiful glory of the past was the abundance of fishery and salt in Budai. In 1824, the construction of the Zhounan Salt Field brought about the "white golden years" of Taiwan's salt fields, and through the evolution of the times, salt in Taiwan has changed into being imported from domestic production, and the sun-dried salt in Taiwan came to a halt in 2002.

In order to revive the rich culture of the salt fields in Budai, the Budaizui Cultural Association has adopted the vision of Happy Salt Field, Heart of Salt Village and the sustainable management strategy of Environmental Education/Activity Industry to combine the production, life and ecology of the salt fields, bringing back to life the salt fields in Zhounan, which had been abandoned for six years. As a result, the salt fields with cultural, sightseeing and educational functions are activated again, allowing visitors to experience the old soul and new charm of the salt fields with their own hands and feet.

The Zhounan Salt Field is a "cultural salt field," and the neighboring community of Xinchuozai (including Longjiang and Xinchuo Li) is a "cultural salt village," which can present the historical depth, local context, and living situation of the Budai salt industry from the perspective of humanities and daily life.

Salt Appreciation Festival is now an important annual festival held at Zhounan Salt Field. In the past, salt workers would prepare offerings to the salt fields on important festivals to thank the heavens and earth and the gods for blessing the salt harvest. Since 2008, Zhounan Salt Field has been holding a Salt Appreciation Festival at the end of each year to express their gratitude to the land, which, combined with traditional industrial culture, has become an important contemporary cultural festival.

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