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Dongshi Fisherman's Wharf


Installation arts with varied appearances create a popular photo spot.

There are shower rooms to be used after having fun at Water Features Zone and White Sand Zone.

The coastal walkway is an excellent spot to enjoy the sunset.

It is perfect for a family day trip.


The Dongshi Fisherman's Wharf was designed with elements such as wind, sunshine, fish, boat, ocean, and lighthouse to create a diverse marine landscape. The most eye-catching feature is the row of colorful huts with exotic style. The bright and lively colorful huts have also housed many businesses, allowing visitors to spend a wonderful time here.

Fresh fishery products and beautiful sunset scenery are the selling points of the Dongshi Fisherman's Wharf. At present, the main facilities in the Fisherman's Wharf include a marine culture museum, a specialty products museum, a shopping strip, a sea view pavilion, a pontoon market, and a seaside walking platform, which combine the original functions of the Fisherman's Wharf to provide diversified services.

The waterfront recreation area is also a popular water-friendly area that was constructed for children. The lifelike working statues of fishers sculpted by the artists' skillful hands provide the best interpretation of the unique fishing village culture of the area. The various art installations add more excitement to the area, with their bright colors and wild imagination, making every corner a marvelous sight!

The market, which starts at 2:00pm every afternoon and the wooden pallet that extends to the coast are some of the most amazing parts of Dongshi Fishing Harbor. The special seaside scenic sitting area offers a magnificent view of the Taiwan Strait, with the occasional fishing raft that passes by, making it the most classic fishing village scenery!

No. 420, Caixia Blvd., Dongshi Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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