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Longshan Temple


Magnificently spectacular temple décor

Lots of delicious oyster delicacies available nearby

Take a boat trip around the lagoon from Longshan Fishing Port, located in front of the temple


Longshan Temple is located in Longshan Village, Qigu District. Upon arriving at Longshan Village, you will be greeted by the temple’s magnificent exterior. The temple is an important architectural landmark for the village, and an important center of faith for the local people; they also call Longshan Temple “Wang Temple”, because it is primarily devoted to the god Wang Ye. The temple also enshrines the gods of the Five Prefectures, the Heavenly Mother (Mazu), Commander Tiandu, the Commander of Zhongtan, the General's Office, the God of Great Fortune, and the Goddess of Pregnancy. The interior of the Longshan Temple is richly decorated, with exquisite caissons overhead and eye-catching murals on the walls. These all give vast traditional architectural beauty.

In front of the Longshan Temple is Longshan Fishing Port. Here, local fish is bought and sold. The fish auction starts at 6:30am every day. It’s worth visiting not only to buy fresh and ready-made products, but to witness the lively and interesting market trading. You can also take a boat trip to the neighboring barrier island, enjoy beautiful views of the oyster racks, and listen to a guided tour.


No. 208, Neighborhood 19, Longshan Village, Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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