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Sicao Green Tunnel


Must-visit attraction for tourists from home and abroad.

It's an approximately thirty-minute sail.

For groups of thirty people of more; please make reservations in advance.


Sicao Green Tunnel refers to the mangrove area in the water channel behind Sicao Dazhong Temple. Native mangrove trees that are over fifty years old grow densely on both banks of the channel, forming a natural tunnel-like waterway. It’s the only green tunnel on the water in Taiwan, and is also known as "Mini Amazonia.”

There are two sailing routes in Sicao Green Tunnel: Mangrove Tunnel and Sicao Taijiang Tour. Those who wish to visit Sicao Green Tunnel should purchase the tickets for “Mangrove Tunnel” route.

Before getting on the raft, every passenger should wear a life jacket and a conical hat to avoid sunburn and protect the head. When you are all ready, it’s time to get on the raft and start this expedition of the green tunnel. Around the tunnel, there are birds such as egrets and black-crowned night herons flying low over the mangroves. Sicao Dazhong Temple Mangrove Protection Area has well-preserved vegetation, including four mangrove species: red mangrove, Kandelia, white-flowered black mangrove, and grey mangrove. The guides on the rafts will explain the local ecology in detail. Passengers can also use binoculars to observe mangrove creatures such as fiddler crabs and mudskippers. This tunnel is the best site of ecotourism that offers wonderful natural scenery well received by photographers.


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