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Good Shrimp Bad Boys’ Club

No. 166-90, Fanshucuo, Shuilin Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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Official website
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Located in the specialized animal husbandry area of Kouhu Township, the Good Shrimp Bad Boys’ Club is led by eight men born in the 80s, and helmed by Li Fu-cheng. They use empty pig pens to create the ideal environment for ecological shrimp farming.

With a firm commitment, a love for their hometown, and an ideal to bring about change, they abandoned the usual breeding methods and instead insisted on raising safe and healthy shrimp. They learned from their failures and experiences, and successfully raised a batch of quality shrimp. The first batch of quality shrimp was praised by foodies, and the price they fetched was very attractive. That gave these shrimp club members more confidence to advance ecological farming methods.

With the enthusiasm and vitality of this group of young men, they hope to convey the beauty of their hometown and establish equitable consumption through good shrimp. More importantly, they want to learn to live in harmony with the earth, and find again the fertile soil that their home once had.

Salt-Worker Biandang: Good Shrimp Salt-Worker Biandang
The "Good Shrimp" Salt-Worker Biandang uses home-grown white shrimp, a traceable agriculture product,  as the main course. Side dishes are seasonally to match the fresh and sweet white shrimp: Seasonal fresh fried cabbage, golden pickles, sausages, shrimp cakes, and other carefully selected local ingredients. The biandang (lunchbox) uses Taiwanese rice and local seasonal vegetables to make this delicious, and safe-to-eat specialty Salt-Worker Biandang.

Savory Goodies: Dried shrimp; Bad Boys fresh shrimp fried noodles.

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