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Taiwan Salt Museum

No.69, Yancheng,, Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
Opening Hours
9:30 - 18:00
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Official website
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Facebook Page

It is the largest and most comprehensive theme museum dedicated to the preservation of salt industry culture in Taiwan. The exterior of the museum resembles a pyramid-like salt mountain. Representing the centuries-old salt industry, the museum has become one of the most renowned landmarks in Qigu.

In addition to the display of salt produced in Taiwan, salt from other parts of the world, the science of salt and salt village stage shows, the museum also presents the salt industry in its heyday as well as the lives of salt makers. Visitors can learn in-depth knowledge about the historical development of the salt industry in Taiwan. 

Salt products (Salt worker’s bento boxed meal, salted coffee, salted milk tea popsicle, salted brown sugar), salt field ecological scenery.

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