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Sanliaowan Xiu Bi Oyster Fritter

No. 95, Sanliaowan, Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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The “Xiu Bi Oyster Fritter” store at Sanliaowan is set up under the banyan outside the Dong-Long Temple in Sanliaowan, Beimen. There is no resident from Sanliaowan community who has not tried “Xiu Bi Oyster Fritter”.

The batter for “Xiu Bi Oyster Fritter” is unique as it uses pure soya flour, without any other ingredients, while the filling consists of oyster, cabbage, chives, and shredded ginger. Before opening the store, the owner makes the batter by mixing soy flour and water and prepares the filling by mixing chopped cabbage, chives and ginger with seasoning. When a customer orders a fritter, the owner applies a layer of powder on the oyster fritter and fills it with the filling. She then applies another layer of powder and deep fries the fritter until it is golden and rich in the aroma of oysters. The fritter is then cut and served. The oysters used come from the neighboring village, Lu Zhu Gou, which is known for its oyster produceproduction. The oysters are large, fresh and opened on the spot, while the seasoning is specially formulated with Chinese herbs. As a result, “Xiu Bi Oyster Fritter” is crispy and refreshingly sweet, enticing the customer for another bite.
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