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Xianghe Leisure Fishing Ground

No. 67-6, Aogu, Dongshi Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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At the Tropic of Cancer, where the wind is mild and the sun is warm, sits Dongshi Xianghe Fishing Ground, a mangrove ecologically friendly environment. We are a low-carbon and low-electricity fishing ground where seaweed is mixed with low-density fish, shrimp, crab, shells, and snails to form a food chain. Animals such as cats, dogs, sheep, and birds are also onsite. We do not use any chemicals and incorporate a smart water quality management system. By collaborating with local farmers, we’re able to raise seaweed containing high nutritional value and rich in collagen.
(Above text taken from Xianghe Leisure Fishing Ground website)

Salt-Worker Biandang: Salt-Worker Biandang with algae flavor.
At 23.5 degrees north latitude, Chiayi’s warm climate is well-suited to growing delicious organic rice. Chiayi products such as traceable seaweed, environmentally friendly farmed milkfish, Taiwan tilapia, harmoniously sea-grown wild venus clams, and small community farmers’ seasonal vegetables are all used as side dishes. The taste of algae is also the taste of Dongshi’s regional seafood and local stories.

Savory Goodies: Pirate Energy Pie
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