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Mr. Mullet Living Museum/Kou Fu International Fish Products (2013 Top Ten Souvenirs of Yunlin)

No. 399-36, Beixing St, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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By incorporating government policies of combining  industries with leisure and tourism, production and marketing teams can diversify operations and young people in fishing villages who are interested in fishery development and management can be guided  toward sustainable management. In recent years, the economy and technology have advanced by leaps and bounds, and rapid changes in social and economic structures have led to population loss in farming and fishing villages, as well as the gradual decline in traditional industries. Along with the impact of the WTO, both agriculture and fishery are facing great challenges. Therefore, we gathered like-minded fishermen to establish the “Sixth Class for Production and Sales of fish in Kouhu Township.” Through the Yunlin District Fishermen's Association and governmental guidance to reach common production and marketing targets; combining local industry players in different production sectors to plan and develop exquisite fisheries in agricultural and fishing villages. The common vision of the class members is to market the production and marketing products, as well as the products of independent brands, gradually expand the domestic and international markets, and cooperate with distributors to achieve a win-win situation in production and sales. The fish industry can't just produce without considering sales. We’ve partnered with Kou Fu International Fish Products to expand sales market channels, supply fishery products to distributors and make mullet roe, fish sauce, fish floss, and other related products with production and sales class. We’ve also gradually been thinking about how to develop more related products, enhance the popularity of the production and sales classes and the aquaculture industry in Yunlin County, and improve the livelihood and income of fishermen in the aquaculture industry in Yunlin County.

Tseng Huan-yi dedicated 20 years to raising the reputation of local mullet roe, promoting the culture of fish farming. He launched “Mr. Mullet,” and led production and sales classes. Along with the team members, they are internationally renowned. Known as “Mr. Mullet,” Tseng grew up in a village by the sea in Yunlin’s Kouhu Township. His father taught him how to raise eels when he was a child, in which he excelled. Later, he decided to go into mullet roe processing. Initially, he would buy wild roe from the market for processing. However, as ocean resources and wild roe were gradually depleted,  the forward-thinking Tseng decided to invest in the development of the fish farming industry.

Tseng excitedly found thousands of the largest species: large golden mullet fry and raised them in the pond. It takes two years for roe to lay eggs. He waited and waited and waited. Two, three, and even four years passed, and the roe never came. He lost more than NT$5 million because of this. It was only later that he learned that there are seven or eight varieties of mullet roe, and some will not lay eggs even after six or seven years of breeding. After continuous exploration and experimentation, he finally succeeded in making almost all the mullet roe in the pond lay eggs. As a result, the name “Mr. Mullet” began to spread, and local fishermen have since joined the ranks of cultivating mullet roe.

Savory Goodies: Beeswax mullet roe; mullet roe pineapple cake
Product: Related products of mullet roe
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