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Brother Shui Rose Tomatoes

No. 172, Shuijing Rd, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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Farmer Hsu Ching-shui grafted improved varieties of crops to breed amazing sweet fruits. Because the color is red like roses, they are called “rose tomatoes”. The sweetness of the fruit contains salt water, adding to  rose tomatoes' unique taste. The successful cultivation has attracted all kinds of foodies to the salt land tomato and brought a ray of life back to local agriculture. The Rose Tomato Farm is located in a small village on the southwestern coast of Yunlin County, which receives northerly winds and southerly flows. The severe soil salinization still supports sweet rose tomatoes. Perhaps it is in the harsh environment, and for survival, that these tomatoes grow more tenaciously – making it possible to cultivate such sweet fruit!
(Text from Yunlin County Cultural Tourism Network)
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