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Brother Liang Ecological Experience Farm

No. 67-40, Xipingliao, Xuejia Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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Official website
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Facebook Page

Want to fish by the river, build a cooking pit, barbecue, experience guided ecological tours, and try your hand at making fish balls? As the day wanes, sit by Bodhi Square, watch the sunset, and enjoy organic, chemical-free agricultural foods, authentic homemade dishes, coffee, and desserts!

Located in Xuejia District, Tainan City, covering about six hectares, this local fish farm has been transformed into an ecological fusion restaurant. We provide specialized guides, ecological experiences, cultural and creative DIYs, delicious meals, etc. for visitors to appreciate the ecology surrounding fish farms, and learn about aquaculture and fisheries. We turn local and aquatic products into displayable art, so that people can see the beauty of well-engineered aquatic products, and have fun while experiencing the ecology.
(Above text taken from Brother Liang Farm website)

Salt-Worker Biandang: Energizing Eel Salt-Worker Biandang
Savory Goodies: Ecological Aquatic Products

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