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Budai / Haizhongxian Seafood

No. 262, Zhongshan Rd, Budai Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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Our restaurant procures the freshest and most delicious seafood from local fishing boats every day.  We provide a comfortable dining environment that guarantees great value and the most memorable experience for your pallet.

When you come to the port town of Budai, you have to try the amazingly fresh seafood. But where can you get the freshest seafood? Naturally, Haizhongxian (“Sea-Fresh”) has the freshest seafood. Highly recommended! The first must-try is our orange-flavored raw oysters for only NT$45 a portion. Freshly shucked oysters seasoned with a Japanese-style sauce made of all-natural ingredients will leave a memorable fruity taste. Guaranteed to be fresh and tasty! This is the real deal!

Our second recommendation is our oyster vermicelli. Springy, aromatic handmade noodles are combined and quick-fried with our freshest Budai oysters. This unique cooking method brings out the freshest flavors. This fried oyster vermicelli cooking method, which we’ve perfected in Budai, is different from other oyster vermicelli on the market. It’s totally delicious – well worth a try!
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