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Keliao Sweet Rice Ball Soup

No. 760, Keliao, Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
Opening Hours
October-Winter Solstice 18:00 - 21:30 (Closed on Tuesday-Thursday)
This 60-year-old small stall selling sweet rice ball soup is a sweet memory of many Beimen Keliao locals. Almost all Keliao residents are its customers; from childhood, youthful to adulthood. Even after they get married and have children, and turn into grandpas and grandmas, they will still take their grandchildren here for a bowl of steaming sweet rice ball soup.
The rice ball soup consists of rice balls, red beans, honey beans and millet mush. Although it looks simple, the process behind it is complex. Glutinous rice is firstly soaked, ground into rice milk, drained and pressed dry with large stones. The dregs are then blended in machine until elastic. For the millet mush: sesame is first mashed and pan fried, and then added with flour, and stir fried for 4 to 5 hours for later use. Red beans and honey beans are also cooked in advance for use.
In the afternoon at the stall, water is boiled for at least 1 hour to evaporate any additives and impurities in the tap water. The glutinous rice dough is kneaded into a long strip, cut into pieces and dropped into boiling water. The cooked rice balls will float to the top, which are removed and set aside for use. When a customer orders the dish, a scoop of red beans and honey beans are placed in a bowl, followed by the millet mush, boiling water, and finally the rice balls, and it’s ready to be served.
Keliao Sweet Rice Ball Soup only opens in winter, from dusk to 10pm, Friday to Monday. To taste this traditional rice ball soup that has been handed down for 3 generations, you have to come at the right time!
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