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Nankunshen Tofu Pudding Uncle’s Tofu Pudding

No. 48-18, Jiangfu, Jiangjun Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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At the beginning, Nankunshen Tofu Pudding Uncle only offered red bean, mung bean and peanut toppings in addition to the plain tofu pudding. Later, other flavors including jelly grass, coix seed, lemon, tapioca balls and milk flavors were developed and added. Among them, the red bean topping contains not only red beans, but also pinto beans, to give it a multi-layered texture. The tofu pudding is completely handmade. After the soybeans are soaked and ground into pulp, they are placed into rice bags and kneaded and squeezed by hand first, before weighing with stone till all the juice has drained and only the dregs remain. The juice is boiled and stirred at the same time till fully cooked, and then left to cool. The sieved juice is finally added with gypsum to allow it to solidify into tofu pudding.
The popular traditional black tea is also made entirely according to an ancient technique. The tea leaves are poured into boiling water and stewed for 15 minutes before the lid of the pot can be lifted. After cooling, the tea is directly placed into the refrigerator. Without adding ice, this is the most genuine traditional black tea.
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