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Guogou Tofu Pudding

No. 145-1, Guogoudongshitou, Budai Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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The different flavors of Guogou tofu pudding have their own supporters. The peanut flavor uses whole Beigang peanuts renowned for their dense yet mouth-melting texture. The mung beans are soft and delicious: you will not taste the seed coat. The red bean flavor uses whole red beans cooked to a fine soft texture. As for the sugar water, it uses yellow sugar simmered for 6 hours, and wonderfully highlights the fragrance and taste of the tofu pudding. 
Many Guogou folks residing or working out of town always come to enjoy a bowl or two of Guogou tofu pudding whenever they return to town, to satisfy their craving for such fine taste and also to relieve their homesickness. When friends come to visit, Guogou people always treat them to this best local dessert which they are proud of.
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