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Xincuo Spanish Mackerel Thick Soup in Tuchengzi

No. 100, Sec. 6, Anhe Rd., Annan Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
Opening Hours
06:00 - 19:30
“Xincuo Spanish Mackerel Thick Soup” is made in a traditional way and tastes authentic. With word of mouth, it has become a famous Spanish mackerel thick soup stand around the Tuchengzi area.
To make “Xincuo Spanish Mackerel thick soup”: gut the mackerel, and then skin and cut the fish into pieces after rinsing them well; marinate with soybean oil, sugar, and egg, and set them aside. Cook the cabbage, thick soup starch, and Japanese halibut in boiling water, before seasoning and thickening with potato starch, and then set the stew aside. Bread and deep fry the mackerel in a frying pot, and set the pieces aside once cooked. When the customer orders the thick soup, put the fish in a bowl and scoop the thick soup in, and it’s ready to be served. If the customer orders the mackerel thick soup noodles, blanch the oil noodles, put them in a bowl, and then add the mackerel and soup before serving it.
The side dishes such as mackerel maw, mackerel roe, oyster rolls, and shrimp rolls at “Xincuo Spanish Mackerel Thick Soup” are rather special and worth a try.
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