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Xialun Wentang Duck Thick Soup

No. 71, Minsheng Rd., Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
Opening Hours
04:00 - 12:00
To make “Xialun Wentang Duck Thick Soup”: quickly stir fry onions, add duck slices and fry thoroughly, and then mix well with seasoning, black vinegar, and garlic crisps. Boil the bamboo shoots, garlic crisps, and bonito powder in a pot of water, which is then seasoned and thickened with potato starch. When customers order the thick soup, heat the sautéed duck slices in the pot, and it’s ready to be served.
The duck is hand sliced, which means the slices are thicker and richer in texture. Since duck can’t be cooked for long or the meat would loosen and the texture is ruined, it is only heated in the thick soup pot once ordered. As duck often tastes gamey, heating and adding onion or black vinegar can balance the gaminess.
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