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A-Po Bowl Kueh behind Yiwu Temple

No. 26-3, Ruixing St., Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
Opening Hours
05:30 - 09:00
People coming home to Yiwu from out of town always go to A-Po (granny) Bowl Kueh behind the Yiwu Temple for a bowl of kueh with meat thick soup to cure their homesickness. Many from Yiwu had their first A-Po bowl kueh in elementary school, and after they leave town for school or work, they still come back to A-Po with their families. This is the unforgettable A-Po bowl kueh for those far from home.
The ingredients of A-Po bowl kueh include: onion, fried shallot, salted eggs, pork, and indica rice. To make the bowl kueh: 1. sauté the pork, onion, and fried shallot, and set them aside; 2. grind the indica rice into rice milk, and thin the milk with boiled water; 3. put the sautéed pork and salted egg in the bowl, and scoop the thinned rice milk into the bowl before cooking it in a steamer.
It is customary to pair bowl kueh with thick soup. The thick soup at A-Po was originally thick soup with Bombay duck, but later the owners switched to meat thick soup because of the rarity of Bombay duck. To make the meat thick soup: blanch the pork and Chinese cabbage and set them aside, add potato starch and boil it with water, put the boiled pork, cabbage into the pot and boil again, before adding in seasoning. Meat thick soup noodles are made by putting cooked oil noodles into a bowl and scooping in meat thick soup.
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