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Sangu Zongzi

No. 29, Sangu, Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
Opening Hours
05:00 - 13:00
In the fish farms in the Sangu area, besidebesides milkfish, hard clams are also a major species raised here. When harvesting hard clams, farm owners buy zongzi and thick soup with milkfish for the workers as snacks. Onion and garlic are major crops along the coastal Salinassalinas. When harvesting onion and garlic, farm owners also buy zongzi and thick soup with milkfish for the workers as snacks. Fishers have some zongzi and thick soup with milkfish in the early morning, and takeeat some more zongzi as snacks to stave off their hunger later. Zongzi are synonymous with snacks in Sangu.
Zongzi in Sangu are wrapped in bamboo leaves. The rice is old long glutinous rice and the fillings are: dried shrimp, red onions, salted duck egg yolk and pork. The recipe is: soak the glutinous rice for over 3 hours, sauté the dried shrimpsshrimp with red onions, and set them aside; stir fry the pork with red onions, braise with soyasoy sauce, and set the pork aside, but leave the marinade in the pot. Wash the soaked glutinous rice thoroughly and put it in the marinade sauce in the pot, add seasoning, allspicefive spices and mix well before setting it aside; finally wrap the cooked fillings into zongzi and boil them; then set itthem aside. When customers order them, the zongzi are cooked through until becoming soft, and served with the bamboo leaves taken off, to be eaten with dip. The dip is homemade with premium soyasoy sauce, sugar, salt, and thickened with potato starch; it’s sweet yet not terribly salty. LeftoverThe leftover dip of the day is thrown away to ensure daily freshness.
In addition to the ingredients, there are also incredible details to the bamboo leaves for the zongzi. The bamboo leaves for Sangu zongzi have outer and inner layers. The inner leaves are recycled. Although the grease is left on the leaves, they can be used again after cleaning, preventing the glutinous rice from sticking to the leaves. The outer layer is green bamboo leaves, which provide a slight bamboo aroma as one eats the zongzi.
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