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Dong Shi Lao Tao Oyster Omelet

No. 157-1, Dongshi, Dongshi Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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The flour for “Dong Shi Lao Tao Oyster Omelet” is specially mixed by the specialty store; it is made with oyster, pakchoibaby bok choy and egg byusing the following method. First, crack an egg in the frying pan. After adding oysters and pakchoibok choy and toppedtopping it with flour batter, the omelet is fried until crispy and then served.
In addition to the oyster omelets, the wasabi blanched oyster is worth a try. The fresh oysters are blanched, plated and served. The oysters taste fresh and delicious simply by dipping withit in sauce. The sauce is made by mixing fruit vinegar, wasabi, garlic puree, and mashed ginger; it goes very well with oysters. The shredded chicken rice from the store is also a top seller.
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  • Restaurant
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