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Xia Lun Miao Kou Oyster Omelet

No. 22, Fu’an Rd., Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
Opening Hours
14:30 - 19:30
The procedureprocess for making “Miao Kou Oyster Omelet” is as follows. Heat the oil in the pan and add in oysters. Pour the chives containing flour mixture onto the oysters and crack an egg on top. Flip the omelet and add the vegetables. After adding the vegetables, flip the omelet again to cook the vegetables. Plate the omelet and top it with the sauce.  
In addition to their oyster omelets, the stinky tofu from the store is also well received by its customers. The secret technique is to have two frying pots, one with hot oil and one with warm oil. The tofu is first fried in the warm oil for two minutes. After the tofu floats, it is transferred to the hot oil pot. The tofu is removed when the shape of the tofu is set. The excess oil is removed, and the tofu is cooled before being deep fryingfried in the pot with hot oil until golden. The tofu is then removed from the frying pot, plated and served with sauce, garlic puree and Taiwanese kimchi. The tofu cooked this way is not greasy and is crispy on the outside and soft inon the inside.
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