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Qigu San Bu Deng Oyster Fritter

No. 2-1, Qigu, Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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Qigu Lagoon is the inland sea remains in Taijiang. The tranquil scenery is breathtaking. Taking the bamboo raft to tour the lagoon and admire the sunset at Wangzhiliao Barrier Island has become a new way for touring the area, attracting tourists from all over Taiwan to visit this legendary spot. All the visitors to Qigu Lagoon are amazed by the oyster rackracks, nets at the lagoon, the rich ecology and the new moon-shaped dune. The oyster fritters, fried oysters, oyster rolls, cuttlefish balls and fried tilapia sold by fishermen from Wangzhiliao are all part of the tasty memories for the visitors.
The batter for “San Bu Deng Oyster Fritter” is made from bean flour, flour, and crispy powder while the filling is made from oyster, cabbage, chives, and celery. In addition to oyster fritters, the seafood congee from “San Bu Den” is also very authentic. It still uses the traditional “half congee cooking method” which entails boiling a portion of rice in stock before adding in the oyster, hard clam, fish skin, shredded meat, cuttlefish, shredded ginger and chives. It is simmered at high temperature for a few minutes and then served. The boiling time is heavily dependent on the experience of the cook as the texture of seafood becomes too hard when boiled for long.
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