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Longshan Le Jiao Wang Oyster Fritter

No. 91, Longshan, Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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The batter for “Le Jiao Wang Oyster Fritter” is made from soybean flour and flour in a specific ratio, while the filling is made of cabbage, chives, celery, and oysters. The oysters are large oysters locally sourced from and deshelledde-shelled in Longshan while the cabbage, chives, and celeries are procured on the day they are served. The vegetables are washed and chopped to make the fritters, and the leftover is discarded. The customer can definitely taste the freshness of the ingredients.
There are two types of Longshan Le Jiao Wang oyster vermicelli: the soup and the dry versionversions. The ingredients (oyster, handmade vermicelli and chives) used for both styles are the same, but the cooking styles are different, giving each kind a different taste.
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