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Qingkunshen Mei Ren Oyster Fritter

No. 226, Kunshen, Jiangjun Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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The batter for “Mei Ren Oyster Fritter” is made from bean flour and flour, while the filling is made by mixing chives, cabbage, and celery. The oysters are deshelled locally at Qingkunshen; they are fresh and delicious. In addition to oyster fritters, “Mei Ren Oyster Fritter” also sells meat fritters, cuttlefish fritters, shrimp fritters, shrimp crisp, and fried tilapia. The shrimps used for shrimp fritters and shrimp crisp are the locally produced velvet shrimps.
The velvet shrimps are seasonal and can only be captured for about 6 months starting from March everyeach year. 6 kgSix kilograms of velvet shrimpsshrimp contain about 1kg1 kg of shrimp meat and can be made into dried shrimp after drying for two days. The larger ones are sold as dried shrimps while the smaller ones become the ingredients for shrimp fritters, shrimp crisp as well as velvet shrimp vermicelli. 
This store is the only one that makes shrimp fritters with velvet shrimps. The batter for the shrimp crisp is made by mixing potato starch, crispy powder, and glutinous rice flour in a specific ratio and is different from the batter for oyster fritters. As for the velvet shrimp vermicelli, it is also unique to the store and cannot be found anywhere else.
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