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Qingkunshen Shang Hao Wei Oyster Fritter

No. 95, Kunshen, Jiangjun Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
Opening Hours
11:00 - 18:30
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With the high customer retention, one might wonder what makes the customerspatrons of “Shang Hao Wei Oyster Fritter” keep returning for more? To summarize,. It’s simple: it is’s fresh, filling, hygienic and healthy oyster fritters.
The large quantity of filling and the freshly deshelledde-shelled oysters can satisfy even the pickiestmost finicky foodie with the lingering aroma of oysters. The batter is made with bean flour, flour, and peanut and rice milk, giving it the crispy texture. “Shang Hao Wei Oyster Fritter” insists on safeguarding the health of its customers by changing its cooking oil daily; hence, all the fried delicacies have a clean golden shine, and look absolutely delicious. This entices the customer to take a few more bites.
In addition to oyster fritters, “Shang Hao Wei Oyster Fritter” sells meat fritters, dried shrimp fritters, cuttlefish fritters, fried radish cakes, fried tilapia, fried milkfish dorsal fin and fried emperor angelfish. TheIts fried dried shrimp fritter isfritters are made from dried spear shrimp from Qingkunshen. The shrimp is chewy and serves as a great snack. The fried emperor angelfish is a unique delicacy from the store and “Shang Hao Wei Oyster Fritter” is the only store selling it. TheAnd the emperor angelfish it uses is freshly purchased from Budai Fishing Port.
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