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Qingkunshen Traditional Oyster Fritter

No. 3-6, Kunshen, Jiangjun Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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There are many stores selling oyster fritter but only “Qingkunshen Traditional Oyster Fritter” sells oyster fritters with seafood soup.
Oyster fritter is usually eaten dry but “Qingkunshen Traditional Oyster Fritter” is eaten with seafood soup, taking its taste to the next level. The soup is made with wild Chinese venus clams, hard clam, oysterclams, oysters, milkfish and fish ballballs; it always receives an overwhelmingly good response from its customers. This makes “Qingkunshen Traditional Oyster Fritter” one of the top four oyster fritters in Qingkunshen.
The batter for the “Traditional Oyster Fritter” is made by mixing bean powder with a certain proportion of flour while the filling is mainly made of cabbage with some chopped chives, celery and sauerkraut. When a customer orders the fritter, the owner applies a layer of powder on the oyster fritter and fills it with the filling. He then applies another layer of powder and deep fries the fritter until it is golden and rich in the aroma of oysters. The fritter is then cut and served with ketchup or sweet soyasoy sauce.
The visitorsVisitors to “Qingkunshen Traditional Oyster Fritter” will first see a pile of oyster skewers. These oysters are freshly harvested from the rack and the fishermen are all working hard to remove the shells. The freshly deshelled oyster is the oyster inside your oyster fritter, filled with freshness. If you visit the store during the weekend, you can order grilled oysteroysters in addition to oyster fritterfritters.
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