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Qingkunshen Xiu Li Oyster Fritter

No. 100, Kunming, Jiangjun Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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“Qingkunshen Xiu Li Oyster Fritter” is located in an alley opposite to the Qingshan Fishing Port. Initially, only the foodies knew about it, but now it is a must-go attraction for tourists. The store receives its customer even before it is fully set up.
Qingkunshen is a fishing village, and all the seafood such as oysters, cuttlefish, and tilapia are sourced locally, and captured on the day they are served. The fishermen from Qingkunshen usually capture or rearculture oysters in the neighboring Qigu Lagoon. The Qigu Lagoon is the largest unpolluted inland sea in Taiwan. All the oysters captured or reared there are fat and fresh without any risk of pollution.
Freshness is only one of the keyskey reasons behind the deliciousness of “Xiu Li Oyster Fritter”; the processing and preservation of ingredients is its trademark secret. For example, after purchasing the tilapia, the owner removes the organs and cleans them immediately; the fish are then put one by one on thea plastic dish, sealed with cling wrap and refrigerated. This keeps the tilapia fresh and ready to fry at any time. In addition, “Xiu Li Oyster Fritter” insists on safeguarding the health of its customers by not using second-hand oil.
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