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Dong Shi Ah Chun Eatery

No. 206-7, Banshu Village, Dongshi Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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The fried oyster bun from Dong Shi Ah Chun Eatery contains cabbage, chives, ginger, dried shrimps, green bean noodle, oyster and egg. It is made like this: First, cut and dehydrate the cabbage and chives, and mince the ginger. Then, mix in the dried shrimp, green bean noodle and the special seasonings.

After the customer makes an order, the dough is placed onto a bowl and filled with the filling, oyster and a whole raw egg. This is followed by wrapping everything up in a spherical shape and sealing the top by twisting the dough, just like for dumplings. The fried oyster bun from this store is also known as a “bag of blessings”, carrying the meaning of prosperity. As the opening of the bun has been sealed, it can be fried, unlike normal flat oyster buns which need to undergo an additional step of being fried briefly on a pan, to prevent it from bursting.
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