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Shanghaochih Seafood

No.39-7, Tunzihtou, Yongtun Village, Dongshi Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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Dongshih; Maintaining our Outstanding Reputation for 20 Years With an outstanding reputation lasting 20 years in Dongshih Township, Shanghaochih Seafood is situated on the border of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area and Daciao Mangrove Eco Park, the nationally-renowned Aogu Farm (Wetlands) and the religious center Harbor Temple to the north and Dongshih Fisherman’s Wharf to the west. Though its exterior is not grandly decorated, the restaurant boasts dozens of compartments and swarms of customers. The owner puts great emphasis on local fresh food at fair prices and attentive service. Shanghaochih, meaning “most delicious” in Chinese, is truly the perfect name for this restaurant. The restaurant features such dishes as oyster vermicelli, oyster roll, raw oyster, braised two-banded grouper, carp (soft bone), and whelks with five spices sauce, all of which are fresh seafood from Dongshih.

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