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Mashagou 3D Painting


One can park the car in the square in front of Lishen Temple.

The tiny fish painted on the floor leads to the paintings!

The oyster fritters, karasumi, and fried tilapia are the must-try delicacies.


With Lishen Temple as the center, Mashagou 3D Painted Village has paintings distributed in every corner, on the street or in the alley, giving the visitors an “art at the corners, surprises in the alley” vibe. Entering the Mashagou 3D Painted Village is like entering a world of fantasy; the childlike fun paintings with traits of local fishing villages on the wall and the floor are simply breathtaking. The simple lifestyle and friendliness of the people there further enhance the fantasy vibe.

“Tian Ma Xin Kong (Unstoppable)”, one of the most amazing and special paintings, is located in front of Lishen Temple. This painting is magnificent and two floors tall. Mashagou is also the hometown of Mr. Wu Qing-You, the founder of Eslite. Hence, there is a painting known as “Kai Juan You Yi (It is beneficial to read.)” which illustrates books stacked into a book wall with a writing brush as the bridge. This showcases the Eslite culture.

The childlike drawing style showcases the fishing village culture unique to the small Mashagou Fishing Village. There are also other paintings such as “Miao Miao Ai Ci Tu Tuo (Cat likes to eat narrow-barred Spanish mackerel), “He Ma Wan Yue (Hippo watching the moon)” and “Mao Zai Sai Yu (Cat drying the fish)”. Be it the octopus or the karasumi, these symbolic productions of the fishing village have all become the main characters of the 3D paintings. The creator of these paintings, Master Ceng Jing Chen, has even thoughtfully indicated the best place to take photographs, making it easy for visitors to take great photographs.


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