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Xianghe Leisure Fishing Farm (Cai Qian Pirate Village)


The Farm offers half-day and one-day activities.

Pirate costumes and related gear are also provided for visitors to dress up as pirates.

Activities include feeling clams, rowing a boat, grilling oysters, fishing, etc.

Those who wish to dine here are advised to make reservations in advance.


The pirate hero in Ponkan preys; pirate treasure in Aogu stays. This couplet at the entrance to the Xianghe Leisure Fishing Farm gives you a strong ambience of piracy even before you enter the farm. Transforming aquaculture farms into environmental education venues, the Xianghe Leisure Fishing Farm takes "Cai Qian", a pirate leader during the Qing Dynasty, as the theme of the park, and is located in Dongshi Township, Chiayi, where fishing has always been the main industry of the local economy.

Xianghe Leisure Fish Farm has created a friendly environment of mangrove ecology. Combined with the surrounding Aogu wetland ecology, it is hoped that visitors to the park will gain a deeper understanding of the local nature and culture through personal experience and in-depth tours.

There are also many fun and relaxing activities in the park that are close to nature, such as clam-touching, fishing and sea vegetables harvesting, which are fun for children and adults alike. After the hands-on experience in the park, don't forget that there are also delicious seafood waiting for you to try. The Xianghe Leisure Fish Farm, which offers both food and fun, allows people to learn about the land and the local culture through fun and games.

No. 67-6, Sigu, Dongshi Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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