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Yiwu Detention Pond


The new detention pond is equipped with a rest area where the most pleasing time is when the sun is setting.

Visitors can rent a bike at Kouhu Visitor Center.

The observation deck has become a popular check-in spot.


Located at Kouhu, Yunlin County, Yiwu Detention Pond is also known as Yunlin's Sun Moon Lake. Although it has no Sun Moon Lake's complementing beauty of mountains and waters, Yiwu Detention Pond boasts rich ecological landscapes. Originally it was a sugarcane planation owned by Taiwan Sugar Corporation, but sea water was brought in by a typhoon and flooded it, submerging the previous woodland to create today's pond.

The serene Yiwu Detention Pond consists of the Northern Pond and Southern Pond. There is a bikeway circling the pond for riders to explore some secret spots along the pond. It's also equipped with many observation decks and pavilions for visitors to rest, especially suitable for visiting here to enjoy exceptional scenery.

Yiwu Detention Pond not only has the function of flood control, but also offers stunning wetland views. Its rich ecological resources make it a paradise for bird watchers, as well as a nice place for locals to ride a bike, jog, walk or simply admire the scenery.



Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
Opening Hours
24 hours
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