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Sihu Haiqing Temple One-line Sky Cycling Path


Please bring your own bicycle as there is no rental service nearby.

The cycling path is about 4 km long.

It was one of the filming locations for the Taiwanese film “Island Etude”.

After walking through the green tunnel, one can enjoy the charms of the fishing village at Boziliao Fishing Port.


Starting from Haiqing Temple, one can ride through the Sihu Wind Farm. One rides under the beach oaks with sunlight falling through the leaves, the tall windmills turning slowly, and birds and insects chirping. By lightly stepping on the pedals, one can move around in nature at the most comfortable speed.

This tranquil cycling path was originally the road for farm cattle and was transformed into a cycling path in 2012. The beach oaks, coastal windbreak plants, were planted on the sides of the path, making it one of the rare green cycling paths in the southwest coastal region. In addition to cycling, it is also great to take a stroll here in the late afternoon to enjoy the wetland ecology. There are also pavilions located at the sides of the cycling path for visitors to rest.

Along the way, one can see the “Tian Xia Yi Jia (House in the World)” sign which leads to “Tian Xia Yi Jia Lao Bin Gu (House in the World – Veteran Accommodation)”. After Mr. Guo Cheng, a veteran retired, he transformed his life experiences into a house. When Mr. Guo was still around, one could see the walls filled with glorious photographs from the past, various collectibles in the house and Mr. Guo would even share his stories with you. Now we can only see this house filled with stories when passing by and let our imagination run wild.
Sihu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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24 hours
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