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Qigu Dingshan Birdwatching Pavilion


Convenient and complete accessible facilities for the public

Enjoy watching birds such as black-faced spoonbills, whiskered terns, and pied avocets

The “Five No’s” of birding: No scaring the birds; no enticing the birds; no following the birds; no harming the birds; and no capturing birds. This will help prevent interfering with or scaring our lovely feathered friends.


The area of Qigu Dingshan is mostly covered with aquaculture farms and waste salt beaches, so there are plenty of food sources for the birds and there is little human interference, so there is a rich variety of feathered friends. The most commonly seen birds include black-faced spoonbills, whiskered terns, and pied avocets.

The Bird Watching Pavilion was built in 2017,It is a wooden two-story building, of the sheltered bird-watching pavilion type. It is designed to allow viewing of the birds from many perspectives: The east, south, west, and north sides of the road; on the water, in flight, and close to the water surface – all at the same time. Accessible facilities and a parking lot are also included, so that people with limited mobility can enjoy a complete bird-watching experience.

There are large and small viewing windows on all four sides of the pavilion, and bird guide signs are posted on the walls to introduce the birds that frequent the surrounding area with pictures and text. The well-planned bird-watching Qigu Dingshan Pavilion is a good place for the family to visit and get close to nature.

Near Dingshan South No.25 Village Street, Cigu, Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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