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Qingshan Fishing Harbor


Purchase natural, delicious, fire-roasted dried shrimp

Fresh, crispy oysters are a must-try snack at Qingshan Fishing Harbor

At dusk, take in a sunset over the fan-shaped salt fields and fishing harbor


Qingkunshen is a fishing village located in Jiangjun District. Here, you can feel a strong sense of simplicity. There are seven fishing ports along the coastal area of Tainan; one located between the two major fishing ports of Anping and Jiangjun is Qingkunshen's Qingshan Fishing Harbor.

In the early years, Qingshan Fishing Harbor was called “Shrimp-Peeling Village” because it is the origin of fire-roasted dried shrimp. The fire-roasted dried shrimp are made in a time-consuming, labor-intensive way by peeling the shells and then picking out the tendons. The shrimp are then placed under the sun for a long time to preserve their sweetness. After seasoning by natural sunlight and the sea breeze, they gain the authentic, natural Taiwanese flavor that is unique to Qingkunshen.

During the daytime, you can buy fresh fish and unique dry goods at the Qingshan Fishing Harbor. If you are lucky, you might even have the opportunity to participate in a lively fish auction, and there are many delicious oyster and seafood restaurants in the vicinity to visit. In the evening, enjoy the beautiful sunset view of the salt fields and the fishing harbor. With its delicious food and beautiful scenery, the Qingshan Fishing Harbor is definitely worth a visit!

No.50-2, Kunshen, Jiangjun Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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