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Sihu Coastal Botanical Garden


The only waterfront botanical garden in Taiwan; vast and rich
Many kinds of coastal and wetland plants are preserved here; a great place for learning while having fun
Advance reservations are required for admission


The Sihu Coastal Botanical Garden of the Forestry Research Institute covers an area of 22 hectares and is a coastal botanical garden in western Taiwan, as well as a major research center for coastal windbreak forests in Taiwan.

The ecological resources in the garden are abundant. In addition to a coastal nursery area, a coastal plant specimen garden, and a coastal windbreak forest experimental area, there is also a conservation planting area for the conservation of plants in the western coastal wetlands, including mangroves, semi-mangroves, and wetland plants. It is a botanical garden with functions for conducting research on coastal plants, coastal ecology, coastal plant conservation, and the coastal forestry system.

Visitors can not only enjoy the scenery and hiking, but also learn about the ecology of coastal plants and the mechanism and importance of coastal windbreaks, which make it an educational and fun destination to visit.
Admission is by appointment only and the garden is closed on national holidays.
To apply for admission and interpretation services, apply by letter, fax or email 3 months to 10 days before the scheduled visiting date.
Please specify the name of the group, date of visit, number of people visiting, name of the tour leader and contact person when applying for admission and interpretation services. Please add a phone number for the contact person.
For groups of more than 300 people, apply in a separate letter or via an official document.
If you are unable to visit the park for any reason after applying, cancel your reservation 3 days before your scheduled visit to avoid your rights being affected in the future.

No.80, Ln. 62, Zhonghua Rd, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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