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Jinhu Recreational Agriculture Area


Integrating Kouhu’s local industries, this is one of the most popular tourist spots on the west coast of Yunlin

Take a leisurely bicycle tour and see Kouhu’s scenic spots

Awarded the Excellence Award in the National Outstanding Leisure Agriculture Area Competition


Immerse in the ambience of the versatile fishing village on a bike tour in Jinhu

Xiahu Harbor, also known as Jinhu Harbor, is one of Yulin County's busiest commercial harbors. Legend has it that on Jiaqing Emperor of Qing dynasty's expedition to Taiwan, a storm occurred when the imperial ship was passing by Xiahu Harbor. To seek shelter, the ship immediately entered the harbor and found the water was as calm as the surface of a mirror. The emperor thus named the natural shelter "Jinhu" (golden lake). After the retrocession of Taiwan, Jinhu was later referred to as the areas surrounding the harbor. 

Jinhu Recreational Agriculture Area was established based on the resources of natural ecology, tourism, agriculture and fishery. Located on both sides of Provincial Highway No.17, the area expands outward from the local religious center, Wanshanye Temple. Kuohu Township's agricultural and fishery products, scenic, ecological and cultural resources are well integrated via the marketing of the area. In addition, there is a bike path in the area.

No.50, Ln. 402, Sec. 2, Chongwen Rd, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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