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Sicao Wildlife Protection Area


Sicao of unique ecological environment is listed as one of the four major wetlands in Taiwan. The 515-hectare land provides for over 160 bird species. Migratory birds account of 75% of the bird population, and 21 of those are endangered or rare specifies which include black-faced spoonbill, black-winged stilt and pied avocet.

Flocks of aquatic birds migrate south to Sicao Wildlife Protection Area during September to November, which is the best birding season. In September and October, the dried salt fields offer abundant food supply to the birds. October 10th marks the peak season for black-faced spoonbill watching. The migratory birds will once again stop by Sicao during March to May in the next year as they start returning to their birthplace or reproduction grounds in the North. May to June is the peak breeding period of black-winged stilts.

Sicao's most important landscape, the wetland, nurtures an extremely unique ecology made of various fish, shrimps, clams, fiddler carbs, mudskippers, slatwater tilapia, mangrove forests, etc. It is truly a land full of ecological wonders.

Sicao Blvd., Annan Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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