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Puzi Embroidery Culture Hall


The Embroidery Culture Hall was originally a local salt facility. The salt business used to be controlled by the government in Qing dynasty. When the Japanese authority came to rule Taiwan, the government appointed local gentries and scholars as officials to take charge of the salt business. Gu Shang-Xien built a salt facility here for the operation. Later, the Japanese-style building was  repurposed as the Vessel Administration Corps.

Time has changed. Puzi City today is only left with few embroidery factories that mainly manufactured religious embroideries. To preserve the precious culture, Puzi City Office renovated the old wooden Japanese-style building and established Puzi Embroidery Culture Hall to promote the culture and history of embroideries through the exhibition of a number of fine embroideries.

Three types of DIY workshops in the culture hall welcome on-site visitors at all times. Group visitors intending to take part in DIY workshops would require a reservation in advance. The cultural hall also offers free bike rental services. Visitors are recommended to check out nearby attractions in the area including Pei Tien Temple, First Market and the Second Market.

No.10, Wenming Rd., Puzi City, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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