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Budai Yacht Harbor


One of the most unique yacht harbors in the Southwestern Coastal Region

Experience a full range of yacht travel services


The Budai Yacht Harbor is located 200 meters from the Budai Port Interchange on the West Coast Expressway and is adjacent to the Budai Third Fishing Harbor. The harbor contains facilities such as a tourist service center, a landscape plaza, and a parking lot. The water area can also accommodate 100 small yachts and 100 medium and large sized yachts, for a total of 200 yachts, making it a very large scale yacht harbor.

At present, the Budai Yacht Harbor is positioned as a sightseeing and recreational harbor, and is equipped with ancillary facilities such as a service recreation area, a yacht pier area, a natural landscape area, a shallow shore activity area, and a waterfront activity area. The Budai Yacht Harbor was developed as a sightseeing pier to provide transportation and recreation services for marine tourism. In addition, the operation unit also provides a full range of yacht services such as buying and selling, maintenance, club, and travel, making it a leisure harbor that both the general public and yachting enthusiasts can enjoy.

No.168, Shun’an Rd., Budai Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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