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Former Residence of Cheng Feng-hsi


The former residence of the outstanding literary figure Cheng Feng-hsi, whose inspirational spirit is touching.

You can visit together along with the neighboring Yiwu Community.


Cheng Feng-hsi was born in 1944 and passed away in 1975. His autobiography, He Never Gives Up, tells of his perseverance and hard work of a lifetime as a person handicapped from birth. His story was made into a movie in 1977 and was included into the life education curriculum in elementary and junior high school. The former residence of Cheng Feng-hsi was a modest traditional san-ho-yuan (three-section compound) built in 1960. Many of Cheng's personal belongings including housewares, books and musical instruments are well preserved in the house to pass down his never-quitting spirit.

No.67, Houcuo, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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