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Guosheng Port Lighthouse


Guosheng Port Lighthouse built on the sandbar is the westernmost point of Taiwan.

Guosheng Port Lighthouse built in 1957 and located in Guosheng Port, Qigu District of Tainan City is the westernmost point of Taiwan. The steel frame structure of this lighthouse is cone-shaped and painted with black and white bands. After succumbing to typhoon and tidal waves that devastated the sandbar after its inauguration, the original lighthouse sank to the ocean. In 1969, the lighthouse was completely damaged by Typhoon Viola. In June 1970, a new lighthouse was built at Ding-tou-er-shan nearby, replacing the old one.

The suggested itinerary for one-day tour: Qigu Salt Mountain → Taiwan Salt Museum → Qigu Lagoon (by vessel) → Guosheng Port Lighthouse.

Ding-tou-er Sandbar, Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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